Friday, May 11, 2012

Beauty in Power

All that can be said is wow... After a day like today you gain a different view on "fit".  I had the privilege of witnessing the fittest in the world compete for their spot at the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games in California.  The spectacle was nothing short of amazing and its only the first day.  Thats right, the Central East regional's is on its way with day one down.  Performances were awesome and records were broke left and right, but to me that wasn't necessarily the coolest part, dont get me wrong it was really cool but something that caught my attention was the demonstration of power vs strength.

As an athlete, it is one thing to be strong, and Crossfitters are strong.  It is another thing entirely to be strong and  powerful.  When you combine those two attributes you are creating an animal, and If they can breath on top of that, then you have a monster.  Since I already know that Crossfit makes you better at all physical attributes what separates the elite?  I believe it is the ability to generate power... It is a learned skill to be able to generate power.  What I see all the time and today was no exception, was athletes who looked strong, and I mean really strong,  after all, if you look like that and have made it into the regional event, its not just "pretty" muscle you are strong.  Then I see these athletes who look great, smaller in stature but still very built, throwing weight around so much faster then the bigger guys.  Why?  Power.  They generate power more efficiently, and that in the long run is what will win.

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